My Story

My Name is Samsara and this is my tribute to Byron Katie

The Byron Katie book, Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, was one book that changed my life.  But when I bought the book circa 2003 I was too sunburned, spiritually speaking. I read parts of the book, became outraged,  thought Katie was a lunatic quack and let it sit on the shelf for another couple of years after hurling it across the room in a rage.

At that time I was still being victimized by my past traumas to such an extent that I could not hear the 4 questions with any clarity. Yes, of course I could read them and know what they meant but my filters were so imprinted upon my mind I could not do it with much success. And in those instances that I could actually read and 'hear' the questions with clarity, my Ego would snap shut or offer a stupid answer that did not feel right to me. So nothing much changed in 2003 as far as resolving painful thoughts that would come up.

When I got to the point I felt the world was almost okay with me and I'd been free from chemicals and harmful behaviors for a while and God and I got back to speaking terms, an intuition told me to pick that book back up again.

I did this time but with a more open mind. It's been my experience that nothing will open a mind more easily than total and complete suffering and especially while abstinent from alcohol, chemicals or other escaping mechanisms or escapist behaviors.

And it started changing my life. The more I applied The Work to every situation in my life that hurt me, the more peace and serenity and happiness I fell into. It was amazing! Now it took practice and diligence because I still  had [and can still have] the "Mother Voice" [or Don Miguel Ruiz would call it The Voice of Knowledge] dictating "shoulds" to me and dictating judgments onto me or situations. But every time it happens, I can simply offer The Work to myself.
Today I am a lover of what is, of reality, of disillusionment. I created this blog because I haven't paid my journey forward recently until my friend, Laura came along. Without risking her story but enough to share with you, she expressed suffering. She reached out to me and in the middle of my novella by way of email, I realized I needed to get Byron Katie, a pivotal force in my newest journey, out here into the open! Yes, I needed to!
If there is only one book of Byron Katie that you can buy, borrow, or steal, I wholly suggest Loving What Is! If you need to borrow my copy, I am sorry to say, I would love to, but I cannot bear to lose it and I do not believe in loaning with an expectation of return. But on Amazon you can get used copies, too, and I have been delighted with my used books! 

What is also nice about The Work is that you do not need the book even if you want to learn this easy process! This blog is about how I apply the work on my life or examples I have lived through in which the Work has enabled my freedom. 
    Click here for my playlist of Byron Katie Videos or look at some of the books below that I will make a teensy commission on if you were to buy them new from Amazon. BUT if one is offered up for used, I do not think I will make a commission BUT YOU will have one awesome book in your arsenal for (hopefully) a steal. 

      If you enjoy the theme of Byron Katie's message or Loving What Is, you may enjoy my related Facebook Page Codependent Recovery. In different language perhaps, it's ultimately the same message; Self-Empowerment & Finding a Healthy Working Relationship with Yourself which naturally will extend to others. But because it's Codie Recovery, there will also naturally be hopefully educational posts or messages about dysfunctional systems in general. Also, I make funny - if I do say so myself - memes that mock illusions and codependency.
      I'm not jealous. I'm territorial. Let me explain the difference.
      Then just one more thing before I let you go.  
      Because this is the 'My Story' page, I figure I better cram it all in here.
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      And on the Facebook, as well as posting my newer articles, I also make memes, images, and art related to all sorts of things. In the following, Daenerys Targaryen discusses her 'feelings' since Highly Sensitive People seem to have more than others and can also be a little moody when people want to co-opt or hijack them and I love Game of Thrones.
      Daenerys Targaryen responds to when someone tells her to not have a particular feeling.

      Thanks for Being Here. You're Wonderful!

      Byron Katie is Loving What Is